Amber and I passed through all the northernmost states of the continental U.S in January traveling coast to coast in just over three weeks. (OK so we missed Michigan. But we were within  three miles of the border and just did not detour in just for the sake of saying we had been there!) We left Wenatchee Washington on January fourth in our little Jeep Compass. The snow was really piling up that day. We spent a lot of nights on the road and saw a lot of sun rises and sunsets.DSC_0475DSC_0514DSC_1027Although weary, we took the time to see a lot of roadside attractions.
DSC_0058 We searched for Crosions but never saw one or learned why they must be controlled. Navigation required we read often mysterious signs.
We saw a Jackalope mount displayed, caught a duck in flight, and 50,000 silver dollars in a bar.DSC_0487DSC_0783DSC_0490

There were vivid colors everywhere.

DSC_0433 (2)DSC_0709We met an angel of the apocalypse practicing his fire and brimstone delivery and a man who knew how to coax a local spirit bear to manifest by offering it a pot of hot cocoa and squeaky cheese curds.DSC_0113DSC_0152DSC_0052
So much to do in Maine! Coming up soon, ice harvesting, snow shoeing, Whoopie Pies, mussels and of course more lighthouses and lobster rolls!