Olympic Game Farm
It has been a busy couple of weeks. Amber and I have been visiting friends and family, doing some odd jobs for travel cash and taking care of last-minute details before heading out of country. It is amazing how fast the time is going as we near the departure date for China! We did get the chance to take a day trip with friends to the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim WA. We headed out early one morning, crossed two mountain passes and got in the que for the Bainbridge Island Ferry at the Seattle Ferry terminal. (It feels like only yesterday we were boarding a ferry in Maine to head East into the Atlantic!)Amber at ferry terminal Seattle waterfrontFerris wheel on Seattle waterfrontFriends on the ferry Amber taking picture on ferry The game farm is an eclectic collection of animals including bison, yaks, Kodiak bears and emus on 84 acres. It was a nice day and there were plenty of visitors lining up their vehicle to take the tour and buying bread to toss to the residents. The bulk of the farm is accessed by taking a driving tour – often right through the animal’s living space.Bison at Olympic Game Farm There are plenty of signs around to remind visitors to keep moving along. However, not all the visitors kept their cars moving at all times and actually came to a stop – usually to offer a piece of whole wheat bread to a nearby herbivore. When a vehicle ahead of us would stop, all the cars in line behind it would have to a halt and animals would start crowding around us as well. Fortunately, our experienced guides had purchased plenty of bread to offer as the hungry bison were not afraid to get as close to the vehicle’s open window as they possibly could.
Bison at Olympic Game FarmI generally consider signs in parks and attractions that say to “stay off” of or “out of” things more like guide lines than actual rules. However, in this case, I did not even consider getting out of the car.DSC_0118Kodiak bears at Olympic Game FarmKodiak bears at the Olympic Game FarmKodiak bears at the Olympic Game FarmThe farm is home to plenty of animals that do not try to get their head in your car looking for something to eat or who might eat you if you got out. We also saw rabbits, deer, elk, and plenty of these spectacular peacocks! Peacock at the Olympic Game FarmThis spotted fallow deer gave us a goodbye look as we headed out.Deer at the Olympic Game FarmOne of our many family gatherings we broke out the Moxie we had stashed in the car since we left the East coast. Most everyone sampled some and reactions were, huh, mixed. My niece Christina was the most enthusiastic recipient, having several servings and even a Moxie float!Moxie floats
A special thank you to all our friends and family who have put us up and put up with us during our time in Washington.

We also want to thank all of our readers for keeping up with us. Getting to share our adventures with you means so much! We are looking forward to the next chapter and seeing the blog evolve. Please bear with us during our travels as it may be difficult for us to post on as regular of a schedule.