What to do you do in Wisconsin on a sunny morning when it is negative 15. Step One, boil up some water in a small pan. Step Two, take the pan of boiling water outside and position yourself in a line between the sun and onlookers with cameras and video recording devices. Step Three, hurl the boiling water into the air, (being careful to not give yourself an unintentional spa treatment or make it necessary to call 911). Step Four, capture as many spectacular backlit photos as you can. Step Five, repeat procedure repeatedly, experimenting with adding substances such as food coloring, dish soap, and agave nectar. Step Six, share results on the internet. Step Seven, make a list of all the wild things you can do when it warms up to plus 15.
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Other things to do:

Run out to Weavers in Fall Creek and buy a five-pound bag of wheat, sunflower seeds, or pop corn, or a gallon of fresh honey or maple syrup. Seriously, this place has every kind of organic, fresh, all natural baking supply you can think of.
Stop by Kathy’s Diner in Cadott for some fried cheese curds and 1919 root beer or head out to the edge of town, right by the truck stop, Veterans Memorial and see a spectacular tribute complete with dozens of tall flag poles, a Cobra helicopter on a pedestal and even an M-60A3 tank!

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Go snowshoeing at Lake Wissota State Park, or in the School Forest, or along any one of the 25,000 miles of snowmobile trails that intersect the entire state! And remember to take a guide!

Frozen Lake Wissota

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Or just eat for days anything this woman will cook up for you.

Mom making falafels