We have learned from watching the X-Files that the truth is out there. I would have to catalog this specimen we photographed here in Maine as proof of the alien abduction of bovines for the purpose of hybridization.Crazy cow for sale Alien abduction aside, we have seen little glimpses of spring – it has not decided, yet, to fully settle in. In between the rainy and windy and even snowy days we have seen lawns being mowed, brush piles burning and docks mysteriously migrating from their winter, beached, hibernation out into the lake.Spring day on Damariscotta Lake We took advantage of one sunny day. It was not as warm as it looked though and I only stayed out a little while. Amber went more prepared and was able to enjoy the lake longer.
Lee enjoying a spring day on the dockAmber bundled up on the dock for Maine springMy birthday was this week. I usually try to spread the celebration out over a few days or weeks. “Birthday” is such a limiting term. I prefer to think of a birthday as more of a state of mind than an actual day. I have done pretty well so far with that this year. Amber (who has graciously accommodated the whole week-long birthday thing) made an amazing chocolate, coffee soaked layer cake with coffee frosting and chocolate crumbs that we shared with our mid west visitors one week.Not pretty but tasty chocolate cakeAnd then I picked up this classy t-shirt!IMG_6556And then we hit up a couple of the places we have been waiting to open all winter.Larson's Lunch BoxI tried yet another lobster roll at Larsen’s Lunch Box. We’d heard they have the best in the area and I would have to agree!Lee ordering at Larson's Lunch BoxOur final stop for the day took us to Waltz Soda Fountain who is serving up the usual fountain offerings including shakes, sodas, snacks, floats, and ice cream but many come with a Maine twist (Moxie float anyone?). The plain chocolate shake I had, made with local Round Top ice cream, was fantastic! This time of year it is still just the locals occupying stools on a Tuesday afternoon and we had a good time chatting with the staff and customers. This is a great local place and they are doing their best to support other local businesses by serving up their goodies – a great stop for a taste of the town in one go!Waltz Soda Fountain - Damariscotta, MaineIMG_6626Chocolate shake at Waltz Soda FountainI have been getting a coconut from my oldest sister every year on my birthday since I was in high school. I am not sure how it got started but every year it comes wrapped up in birthday wrapping paper and opening it is always a party event. She mailed me one when I was in the Army in basic training and even when I was stationed in Germany. This year was no different. I made sure to open the package in my new birthday shirt!Lee's birthday coconutOf course I did not wear the new shirt for the cracking. It can get a little messy.Lee cracking the coconutWe rounded out the week of with a little canoeing, of which we’d been dreaming about doing for three months now. The weather still is not perfect for it but when you have a new birthday shirt this awesome you just have to have a little adventure to go with it.CanoeingAmber canoeingIf you saw the end of our last post you no doubt have figured out that the Awed Travelers are headed to China! Not China, Maine but China, China. Yes, we are very excited! Soon we will be saying goodbye to this region of Maine and Zipper and Bobbie who have been quite the party animals with us, (ya know – watching all those X-Files at night!) Bobbie has been helping us get the house cleaned up before their parents get home.Bobbie cleaning

As you know, our time here is wrapping up but don’t fret, more Maine things to come!

How are you enjoying spring this year?