As we set out on this journey almost three months ago, many people expressed how much, they too, would like to have the opportunity to travel and relax. So we thought we should take a moment to clear up a few misconceptions. Our pictures and posts, of course, are all about the good food, beautiful scenery and wonderful experiences we are having. But what you see are just the highlights. In between those times there are hours of hard work.  Amber spends her time, often simultaneously, identifying our next local adventure, researching international locations, analyzing travel details, cataloging renown eating establishments to visit, and finding new and tasty foods to create in the kitchen.DSC_0546DSC_0542DSC_0534
Lee is also hard at work many hours each week writing that book. He estimates that at his current rate of progress he should be done by spring…DSC_0568DSC_0572DSC_0561…spring of 2018.

Some of our other winter activities have included: making a list of all the places that are closed now but have a sign saying: “we will see you in the spring”, hanging out at the local bookstore/coffee shop for the free WiFi and visiting the local theater. Many of the towns around here have their own old-time theaters. We even saw a sign today for some free productions of Shakespeare coming up next month. We are looking forward to that of course. We already visited this theater once before to see a free (that’s right, free!) matinée on a Friday afternoon. We were pretty excited about this because it meant we would get to interact with the locals during the non tourist season and get to see a free movie! Before we went we made sure to look at the marquee and check their website several times because we wanted to be sure to get the details right about the free movie. We planned all that week to make sure our schedule was clear and we would be free to see the free movie. We were delayed several minutes on our way and had to slip in just after the free movie had begun. We did not mind at all as there was plenty of room and the theater had that good old theater look to it. There was a trailer playing for some movie that looked like it must have been about life in the twenties. We kept waiting for the trailer to end and the free movie to start but the “trailer” just kept playing. Everyone in the trailer spoke in English accents and talked as though they were very wealthy and their heritage was important or they worked for someone very rich whose heritage was very important. After about ten minutes we realized this was not a trailer after all. It was the free movie. It was last Sunday’s episode of Downton Abbey. Since it was the only episode either of us had ever seen, we were a little confused. You just never know what you are going to get at a small town event!

We have begun to notice signs of spring. One of the first signs of spring is open water and some blue sky!DSC_0422
Sunset on open water instead of ice!
We find that if we look close we can see colors in lots of things.DSC_0490 (2)
DSC_0487We have noticed a lot of reclamation and recycling facilities here and they are all very neat and organized. Recycling appears to be very important to Mainers. This tugboat has got to be the ultimate expression. It is now an inn and restaurant!DSC_0234And finally, once again we have spotted something we find mysterious. We would love to hear your ideas on this one!DSC_0391
Next up…Maple Sunday events!

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