Shanghai, China skylineThere are times when, for reasons I can’t explain, the normal continuity of space and time appears to break down and the events of, say a month ago, feel like a year or a lifetime ago. It  was just one month ago Amber and I were headed out of Maine. It was still just barely spring there and our lives were, for the most part, all about familiar things like car travel, and visiting friends and family. Today, however, I am writing from our hostel in Shanghai, China! The contrasts in weather, people, food, sounds, and smells are so extreme that even the last day in Wenatchee sitting on my dad’s back porch with family only a week ago feels like it could have been years in the past.Amtrak trainThe short version of our travels looks like this. Friday we caught the train from Everett, WA to Vancouver BC and spent a great day exploring. We lugged our stuff  around the city most of the day and opted to ride the Skytrain to the airport. We caught our three Sichuan Airlines flights right on schedule and set down in Shanghai on Sunday. We rode their Maglev train from the airport into the city at a speed of 301 kph (187 mph)!!! Oh yeah! We took the subway to within seven blocks of our hostel and walked the rest. After three days of trains, planes, subways, sleeping in airports, and crossing the international dateline – we slept about twelve hours! The trip really went off without a hitch, Amber had researched every leg of the journey and had all the details arranged. She had the train and plane tickets purchased in advance of course, maps of the subway system downloaded in her phone and directions to the hostel printed out. All I had to do was not lose hold of her!Lee in ShanghaiStreets of Shanghai Amber drinking teaAlthough we are spending an entire week in the city before heading out to our next pet sitting engagement, we have not wasted any time. Amber has been researching Shanghai for months and has an extensive list of possible experiences. Our next posts we will share the amazing things we are seeing here – like how incredibly nice all the people we have met are and all the different foods available right on the street!  For now we will leave you with a video demonstrating a travel tip on how to work in a little exercise (and keep entertained) in between those long plane rides.