Wisconsin to New York

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Well, we finally left the frigid tundra of Wisconsin after 10 days of eating and visiting friends and family. We wanted to share a few of the highlights of this next leg of our Journey. Our last stop before heading out of Wisconsin, of course, had to do with cheese…what else? Mars Cheese Castle is a stop along the highway. They boasted over 300 kinds of cheese. I (Amber) was on cheese overload.
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Part two: Ice clouds, diners and more

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What to do you do in Wisconsin on a sunny morning when it is negative 15. Step One, boil up some water in a small pan. Step Two, take the pan of boiling water outside and position yourself in a line between the sun and onlookers with cameras and video recording devices. Step Three, hurl the boiling water into the air, (being careful to not give yourself an unintentional spa treatment or make it necessary to call 911). Step Four, capture as many spectacular backlit photos as you can. Step Five, repeat procedure repeatedly, experimenting with adding substances such as food coloring, dish soap, and agave nectar. Step Six, share results on the internet. Step Seven, make a list of all the wild things you can do when it warms up to plus 15.
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A Wisconsin Experience, Part One

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Halfway between the North Pole and the Equator and midway between the Green Bay Packers home and the Mall of America lies the small Midwestern town of Cadott Wisconsin. In it, and the farmlands that surround it you can experience a nearly complete microcosm of Midwestern life – barns, farms, cows, corn, beer, deer, cheese and silos – woven throughout gentle forests plotted on a grid-work of angular county roads and populated by Packers fans. Continue reading →

DSC_0045Why travel according to Lee: In the spring of 2015 Amber and I were sitting on the couch at my place on a Saturday afternoon. She had a pensive look on her face. She said: “I have been doing a lot of thinking and researching and I have decided I want to travel.” I said: “yes, I know. We have often talked about all the places we would like to visit…” She said: “No, I mean I want to pack up and leave and travel the world for a year or two.” I said: “aaaaaaaaaaah, I see.” My heart sank. No wonder she had looked pensive and been so contemplative lately – she was telling me goodbye.

My face must have pretty clearly reflected what my heart was feeling because she said: “uh, I mean I want to travel with you.” I said: “aaaaaaaaaaah, I see!” My heart was excited at the prospect as I had dreamt of big adventures ever since returning from traveling years earlier. Yes my heart was excited but my brain…  My brain, on the other hand then spent the next week in a war with itself. The first battle began with an immediate barrage of questions loosed from the left side of the brain. “What will people think? How can you leave your job, sell your stuff, not have an address, and travel the world with nothing more than what will fit on your back!? What will people think? How will you live? How will you let go of all this important stuff you have lying around? What will people think?” Continue reading →


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