South Korea



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Seoul's skylineThere is a Korean proverb that says: Aneun gildo muleogara – which translates something like: Even if you know the way, ask one more time – which means don’t be arrogant in thinking you know everything. Visiting Seoul, even for a few days, is an excellent reminder of this. We hear so much about the Eastern area of Asia in the news of late and almost daily about North Korea that it would be easy to think that we have some idea of what it is like in this region of the world. I suggest that one visit to Seoul will probably change whatever notions you have accumulated. Continue reading →


Sokcho – A City With Just About Everything!

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Lookout in SokchoIt happened to be the Korean Chuseok holiday when our ferry docked at Donghae and we spent our first few days in country enjoying very quiet streets as most people were spending time with family. But with the arrival of the weekend and after a couple of hours bus ride north to the coastal city of Sokcho, things picked up a bit.Fish market in Sokcho

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A Ferry Ride Through the Sea of Japan

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dsc_0103We boarded a Korean ferry named Panama and sailed out of Vladivostok under mild skies the evening of the last day our Russian visas were valid. This is of course where we started our Russian tour – flying in just a month earlier. We had taken the train back here and were grateful to get the chance to spend our last three days in Russia in this charming city. It was sad to say “do svidaniya.” Continue reading →