A Ferry Ride Through the Sea of Japan

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dsc_0103We boarded a Korean ferry named Panama and sailed out of Vladivostok under mild skies the evening of the last day our Russian visas were valid. This is of course where we started our Russian tour – flying in just a month earlier. We had taken the train back here and were grateful to get the chance to spend our last three days in Russia in this charming city. It was sad to say “do svidaniya.” Continue reading →


Blagoveshchensk – On the Road to Chita or Even China!

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Heihe skyline from BlagoveshchenskAt the confluence of the Amur and Zeya rivers lies the border town of Blagoveshchensk. This portion of the Amur river serves as the border between Russia and China and just across the flowing water you can see the city of Heihe, China. Continue reading →


Zdravstvuyte! (Hello!) from Vladivostok in Eastern Russia!

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Sailboats in VladivostokAt the southernmost point of Eastern Russia’s Pacific Coast is the bustling port city of Vladivostok. It is tucked into a large bay off the Sea of Japan, with the border of China only 100 kilometers to the west and the border of North Korea 150 kilometers to the south. Millions of tones of shipping pass through the port every year but thanks to its beaches, cafes, night life, beautiful scenery, monuments, museums, and amazing summer weather it has become a premium vacation destination as well. Continue reading →