Hussey and Kraut

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DSC_0323Amber and I have seen so much of this amazing area lately it has been hard to keep up! But now that we have found our Moxie we have the energy to do some more sharing. There is so much beauty and variety and richness to life here it is difficult to explain. One of the mottos we see often is – “Maine, the way life should be” – I really get this. And it seems like the people that live here get it too. We have chatted with so many Mainers like the lovely couple who own the Airbnb right next to Fort Edgecomb that were so happy to take the time to fill us in on some history. Everyone  seems to genuinely appreciate the life they have here and take a lot of pride in their community and history. Those of you from Maine that have been replying – we just can’t thank you enough! Amber is filling up our outing schedule with your “must see” recommendations and we really appreciate your explanations of mysteries – we now know how to use the “L” to access our bighouse-littlehouse-backhouse-barn and that the roads are crowned high to deal with the wicked rain!
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We see a lot of boats here of course. This boat owner is going to be upset when he gets home to find he left the water running.
We visited the state capital, Augusta, just long enough to capture a picture of Amber doing her best Statue of Liberty impression.

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We’re Trying Maine’s Official Soft Drink – Moxie!

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With our time in Maine, we are trying to experience as much as possible. We’ve tried lobster rolls and whoopie pies and tonight we are trying Moxie. It’s been around since the late 1800’s and was named Maine’s official soft drink – Moxie.

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The Maine Attraction

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Well, this is the post I’m sure you have been waiting for…we finally made it to Maine!
We crossed the border into
Maine the end of January with some important things on the mind. Within the first 2 hours we were on the search for and had our first(!!) lobster roll at the Maine Diner in Wells. Once again, we stopped at a place that has had an appearance on the Food Network but I didn’t know until we got there! The place gets great reviews on Yelp and it is clear to see why. Like you’d expect from a small coastal town in Maine, the seafood is super fresh and prepared well even for a diner. It has the appearance of a diner and the typical breakfast dishes of a diner but they also have some unique and luscious seafood dishes. From the reading I was able to do, there are two ways to make a lobster roll. One mixes the lobster with a little bit of mayonnaise and one with butter but both use only lobster, and heaps of it, on a toasted roll or bun. At Maine Diner they serve it with mayo.
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Part two: Ice clouds, diners and more

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What to do you do in Wisconsin on a sunny morning when it is negative 15. Step One, boil up some water in a small pan. Step Two, take the pan of boiling water outside and position yourself in a line between the sun and onlookers with cameras and video recording devices. Step Three, hurl the boiling water into the air, (being careful to not give yourself an unintentional spa treatment or make it necessary to call 911). Step Four, capture as many spectacular backlit photos as you can. Step Five, repeat procedure repeatedly, experimenting with adding substances such as food coloring, dish soap, and agave nectar. Step Six, share results on the internet. Step Seven, make a list of all the wild things you can do when it warms up to plus 15.
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DSC_0800 DSC_0789 DSC_0766
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