From the Easternmost Point and into the West…

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The Easternmost point in the U.S. The Easternmost city of the continental U.S. is the little coastal town of Lubec Maine. The town is home to fishermen, marinas, a couple of restaurants and (in the summer) tourists. Amber and I visited there after visiting Acadia as the completion of one journey and the beginning of another. It was the completion of the cross county trek we began in January as we could go no farther East and remain in the U.S. (The road East out-of-town crossed the narrows and onto Campobello Island, Canada.) It was the beginning of another journey – as we headed West out-of-town – as we will be traveling West clear to China! The last building on the East end of town was the combination customs office and post office located next to the bridge to Canada. We stopped there to mail a post card to my dad. A postal worker just happened to be picking up the mail at that moment and I was able to deliver it to her personally. Yep, we got to send a post card from the Easternmost post office in the Easternmost building, of the Easternmost city in the U.S.! Woohoo!  Continue reading →


The Maine Attraction

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Well, this is the post I’m sure you have been waiting for…we finally made it to Maine!
We crossed the border into
Maine the end of January with some important things on the mind. Within the first 2 hours we were on the search for and had our first(!!) lobster roll at the Maine Diner in Wells. Once again, we stopped at a place that has had an appearance on the Food Network but I didn’t know until we got there! The place gets great reviews on Yelp and it is clear to see why. Like you’d expect from a small coastal town in Maine, the seafood is super fresh and prepared well even for a diner. It has the appearance of a diner and the typical breakfast dishes of a diner but they also have some unique and luscious seafood dishes. From the reading I was able to do, there are two ways to make a lobster roll. One mixes the lobster with a little bit of mayonnaise and one with butter but both use only lobster, and heaps of it, on a toasted roll or bun. At Maine Diner they serve it with mayo.
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New York to New Hampshire

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After a long day spent exploring both sides of Niagara Falls we headed into Buffalo to spend the night. The snow was coming down in big flakes and it was great to get off the road for a while. We arranged lodging in a suburb through Airbnb before setting out on the final leg of our journey. It was nice to have a real bed for the night and feel more refreshed for the final leg of the trip.  For the most part, we have been traveling off of the interstate and taking the lesser routes. We get to see a lot more of the country that way, often wandering right through the downtown areas of the smaller communities. We wanted to see the Finger Lakes region in New York so we wandered into Geneva, a town at the north end of Seneca Lake, to get a feel for the area and make an exploration plan. We thought we would just be there for an afternoon, maybe, but oh what a town! You know how in every town there is that one neighborhood where all the really nice older homes are and everyone in that neighborhood keeps their house and yard looking front cover home magazine perfect? Well imagine a whole town like that! Shops, churches, houses, the college campus, pubs, restaurants, all looking like something from a Hallmark Holiday movie. There was so much to do in Geneva and the surrounding lake that we splurged and found a room through Airbnb for the night – this time at a house the owners dubbed the Flying Whale. We were their first guests ever and it was great to get to stay in such a perfectly maintained historical local home. We had been given recommendations from several people to try the food at the Red Dove Tavern. We walked downtown under a full moon just as the six o’clock church bells started. It was surrealistic and we both looked at each other and said “is this for real?!”
The Flying Whale is registered with the Geneva Historical Society.  Who actually lives in a house with columns like that??
The Finger Lakes region is amazing – there is local beer, cheese, and wine galore! Many of the wineries/breweries/cheeseries in the area are creating really quality stuff by producing their own grapes/hops/milk. And no matter which restaurant, shop, or winery you visit they are all excited to talk about the area or history and tell you about other restaurants, shops or wineries in the area you should visit.  The people at Belhurst Castle Winery told us about the medieval themed Seneca Shore Wine Cellars and they told us about the Climbing Bines Brewery and they told us about the food at the Red Dove… We could have gone on like this for days but we had traveling to do.
Wendy explaining the wine at Belhurst Winery and things to do in the area to Amber.
DSC_0553 DSC_0556 DSC_0551
Seneca Shore’s resident cat (which is why there is a cat on their labels)

DSC_0557 DSC_0566
Climbing Bines has a mug club for locals. We had never seen this before but we came to find out that it is somewhat common in the Eastern US.
Our first stop in Vermont was at the Big Moose Deli to get our pictures taken with a few celebrities.DSC_0626DSC_0629 DSC_0628
DSC_0634Just by luck we discovered the Two Brews Cafe in Bennigton, VT. They had a great selection of coffees for the morning crowd and local craft beers for the evening and a great food menu all day. You could choose a bowl or wrap and then pick a grain, a veggie, and a protein. Lee had to get the explanation a couple of times.DSC_0638 - Copy DSC_0642
Worker explaining how the ‘bowls’ worked to Amber so she could explain it to Lee
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A Wisconsin Experience, Part One

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Halfway between the North Pole and the Equator and midway between the Green Bay Packers home and the Mall of America lies the small Midwestern town of Cadott Wisconsin. In it, and the farmlands that surround it you can experience a nearly complete microcosm of Midwestern life – barns, farms, cows, corn, beer, deer, cheese and silos – woven throughout gentle forests plotted on a grid-work of angular county roads and populated by Packers fans. Continue reading →


Autumn Leaf Festival

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Over the weekend, we spent a few hours in Leavenworth, Washington during their Autumn Leaf festival. Leavenworth is a small town in Eastern Washington State that was at the center of the local timber industry in decades past. When the industry changed, so did Leavenworth. Nestled in the foothills of the Cascade mountains the town took advantage of the fact that the local terrain looks much like the Alps of Germany and redecorated in a Bavarian theme. Continue reading →