Month: November 2016


You’ve Got to be Nuts to go from Bankgkok to Oslo in November!

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dsc_0279It was already at least 80 degrees at 6:15 the morning we caught the overhead train from our hostel in Bangkok out to the airport. Our Norwegian airlines flight actually departed a few minutes early and arrived in Oslo just short of an hour ahead of schedule. It was 38 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny. Everyone said how much they were enjoying the warm fall they had been having. The next day it dropped to freezing and started to snow. By the next day – it looked like this: Continue reading →


Battambang to Bangkok

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dsc_0929We spent the last days of our time in Cambodia in Battambang (pronounced roughly: bat-dam-bong) which translates to “loss of stick”. ┬áThe name comes from an intricate, regional story involving the fellow in the picture above, rice that turned black, and a misplaced stick. We learned of the tale from a tuk tuk driver we spent a whirlwind day with who showed us all around the area and did a great job helping us understand what we were seeing. We spent the whole day seeing all of the kinds of things a person goes traveling to see. Continue reading →


The Temples of Angkor

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Angkor WatIf you have ever dreamed of exploring the exotic places of the world or having adventures in the manner of Indiana Jones, the temples near Siem Reap Cambodia are a must-see! The temples were built between the 9th and 13th centuries by the kings of the Khmer Empire. The most famous is Angkor Wat, pictured here, whose outline graces the Cambodian flag. Amber and I spent one whole day exploring just five of the one thousand possible sights to see in the area. Continue reading →