Month: August 2016


Zdravstvuyte! (Hello!) from Vladivostok in Eastern Russia!

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Sailboats in VladivostokAt the southernmost point of Eastern Russia’s Pacific Coast is the bustling port city of Vladivostok. It is tucked into a large bay off the Sea of Japan, with the border of China only 100 kilometers to the west and the border of North Korea 150 kilometers to the south. Millions of tones of shipping pass through the port every year but thanks to its beaches, cafes, night life, beautiful scenery, monuments, museums, and amazing summer weather it has become a premium vacation destination as well. Continue reading →


Hong Kong In Too Few Days

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Fountain and buildings in Hong KongOne week is far too short of time to experience Hong Kong. What an amazingly diverse, beautiful, fun, and friendly place! Whether we were riding the worlds longest outdoor escalator system, hopping a double-decker trolley, or ordering some cuisine unique to Hong Kong, we could not help but feel genuinely welcomed. Navigating the rarely straight streets, seeing the sights, and observing the amalgamation of so many cultures is just plain fun! In addition, the Olympics were on Hong Kong tv’s all over the place. What a great time to be in such an international city! It all felt so, well, international.  Continue reading →


Our First Glimpse of Hong Kong

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Lee with Hong Kong skylineOver the years I must have seen dozens of t-shirts, greeting cards and motivational office wall hangings that say something to the effect of: “life is a journey, not a destination”. (I always thought that was just something people with no direction in life told themselves to make themselves feel better.) But I think I am beginning to realize the validity of the concept. Amber and I spent 38 hours straight traveling from our house sit gig to Hong Kong. We rode one bus, two trains, and three subway lines and by the time we reached our hostel we were feeling more like Yaaaawwwn Travelers. Continue reading →


Images of Chengdu

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Skyline and lake in Chengdu
It is hard to believe Amber and I have been in Chengdu for six weeks already! We have seen so much and our time here has absolutely flown by. We have explored many areas of the city, sampled all kinds of food and met so many truly friendly people. Whether we were riding a bus, shopping in a grocery store or buying street food – this city has been very welcoming to us and it has been an amazing experience getting to feel like a real part of it. Here are just a few images to, hopefully, give you a taste as well. (That first picture of Amber with our big blue umbrella reminds me of the Morton Salt girl.) Continue reading →